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My name is Lateefah

Freelance Journalist and PR consultant. 

My name is Lateefah and I'm a multi-hyphenate from London.  I proudly wear multiple hats as a Stories manager, freelance journalist, and PR consultant.  Throughout my career, I have consistently pursued various side gigs alongside my full-time job. With a myriad of interests fuelling my passion, my side hustles serve as gateways to explore them all - without compromising my mental health or overworking myself - I wrote about it all here

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Freelance Journalism

Public Relations

I provide consultation and PR services ( mainly focused on earned media) for professionals trying to develop themselves as thought leaders in their desired field. 

I have written for some of the most popular women's lifestyle magazines and national newspapers. I cover topics that include, but are not exclusive to race, pop culture, mental health and general women issues.  

Public Speaking

​I've facilitated masterclasses and workshops on the following topics: side hustle culture, freelance journalism and navigating careers in the public relations and journalism industry

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