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As a freelance PR consultant, I specialize in helping business owners and experts in their fields leverage the power of media to elevate their personal and professional brands. My focus lies in developing thought leadership through earned media strategies, including op-ed pieces, featured articles, and appearances on broadcast and podcast platforms.

Earned media is an invaluable tool for establishing credibility, increasing visibility, and reaching wider audiences. By strategically positioning your expertise and unique insights in relevant media outlets, you can enhance your reputation as a thought leader and gain recognition within your industry.

My goal as a freelance PR consultant is to work closely with you to craft compelling narratives, shape your key messages, and secure media opportunities that align with your goals and target audience. Whether you're looking to author your own opinion pieces for prestigious publications, be featured as an expert in industry-specific articles, or showcase your expertise through podcast and broadcast appearances.

As a dedicated professional, I  strive to accommodate my clients' requirements while juggling our full-time job commitments. At present, MY availability for freelance PR work is primarily focused on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and some weekday evenings.


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eBay UK

Whilst working with the Coldr team, I worked on eBay UK partnership with Black Girl Fest to launch the 'Black in Bloom' programme. The programme's mission is to empower and educate black women entrepreneurs.

My responsibilities:

  • Curating media lists

  • Sending out invites

  • Offering support at the event


Result: As a result of my relationship with the journalist, I was able to secure a full digital spread in Vogue Business. 



Freelance PR Work

Kindred Agency 

A previous manager I worked with put me in contact with Abby from Kindred agency. Abby asked me to host an hour consultation with her and her team on media consumption habits of Black British audiences for upcoming client campaigns. 

'We worked with Lateefah on a consultation basis at Kindred as one of our clients was keen to go into more detail on media consumption habits of the Black British audience. Lateefah’s guidance was invaluable and it was clear she has many years of experience pinpointing not only publications which are receptive to this audience, but various journalists and influencers too. She helped shape our media strategy with crucial knowledge, as well as inspiring us to think more laterally when shaping campaigns for Black British people across the UK.'  - Abby Lewis-Miller - Account Director 





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